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The Future of Podcasting

The Future of Podcasting

Are you looking to jump into the Podcasting 2.0 Value 4 Value Model but don't understand a damn thing anyone is talking about when it comes to all this satoshi, nodes, sphinx, etc?

So are we!

Join us on the bleeding edge of streaming satoshis for podcasters as we examine the value for value business model.

Recent Episodes

Add Podcast Credits with the Person Tag

June 7, 2023

What is the people tag, and how can you use it? On this episode of Future of Podcasting, hosts Daniel J. Lewis and Dave Jackson discuss using people tags in podcasting and how they can benefit creators and listeners. They ex…

What Might The Future Be For YOUR Podcast?

May 24, 2023

A successful podcaster (who we suspect is John Lee Dumas of EoFire fame) is looking to sell his show for 15.5 Million. Switching hosts and selling shows is something that will be more normal as the early adopters of podcasti…

Making Transcripts More Useful

May 17, 2023

While we all know and understand the benefit of transcripts for the hearing impaired, there are other uses for transcripts, and Podcasting 2.0 is making it easier to use them. Your Hosts Find Dave at  Find Daniel at   NEW T…

Brand Safety Versus Your Podcast

May 10, 2023

Companies are joining forces to consume your content and then put a label on it. Is this a good thing or a bad thing for your podcast? What is your definition of hate speech? Did you know your podcast could get in trouble be…

Are Podcasts Really on YouTube?

May 4, 2023

YouTube Music has announced that "Podcasts" are now available on YouTube Music (but are they really?). While there is potential to get more people to listen, using the word podcast for something that technically isn't a podc…

Baked-In "Ads" Still Have a Future

April 26, 2023

Supporting individuals who provide value is becoming something more normalized and as more and more podcasters educate their audience, podcasters are getting more creative in ways to get their audience engaged. Daniel also s…

Recent Blog Posts

Deep Insightful Stats For Value for Value Podcasters: SATurn, Conshax, Alby

When I wrote my book Profit From Your Podcast, the strategy that almost everyone I interviewed was to have MULTIPLE income streams and a very interesting one is receiving streaming bitcoin. Your audience determines how much your show is worth. T…

How to Transfer Money From Satoshis.Stream

Now that you're receiving Satoshis, how do you move them to you? This video shows you how to work with the Zap app and the Telegram app to view how much Bitcoin you have, and how to transfer it to your wallet. https://breez.te…

How To Enable Your Podcast To Receive Crypto

  WHAT YOU NEED TO GET STARTED You need to know your RSS feed. You need to know what email address is listed in your feed. STEPS Go to and Claim ownership of your show Setup an Alby account at Copy an…